Monday, January 2, 2012

Over Indulgence — The Day After

Dr. Mao: What to do after you overeat to feel better
Picture of a man overeating
A FRIEND of mine came over for a post-Thanksgiving visit this morning. His face was visibly pained as he waddled in, slumped onto my couch and listed to the side.
“Ohhh, I’m still stuffed!”, he winced.
Yeah, here we go again… ’tis the Holiday Season, the prime time for overindulgence, be it gustatory or gifting.  Which brings me to an article filled with a litany of suggestions about how to relieve the discomfort of physical saturation of the gustatory kind.
Stepping up to embrace this noble cause is Dr. Maoshing Ni. In his Yahoo post today, Healthy Detox after Overindulging, he passes us a few pearls of wisdom:
(Right after your bacchanalian debauchery)
1. Walk off the food.  Twenty minutes is good.
2.  Drink tea.  Peppermint, chamomile, and ginger tea are other good choices for settling the stomach.
(The next day)
3. Start the day with some apple cider vinegar, a traditionally used to remedy digestive distress, support liver detoxification, normalize digestive juices, and reduce intestinal bloating.
4. Eat a light breakfast of foods such as oat bran cereal (or you eat fruit).
5. Drink copious amounts of pure water.
Dr. Mao has the details in his article, and also has some suggestions on how to heal an aching head, of the alcohol overindulgence variety.  And some Qi Gong detoxifying exercises too.
Now, let’s see if there’s any room left on that couch…

written by Joe Garma

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