Saturday, January 7, 2012

And What a Great First Day It Was!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone for coming to my very first Zumba class.I didn't get to thank all of you after class.  It was so much fun! God willing we will have many more and it can only get better. I was happy to see so many excited and happy faces. What a way to start off this beautiful day. Feeling refreshed and energized ,then walking out to the beautiful sun. God is the Greatest. Stay fit and stay positive and I look forward to doing it again next Saturday Morning!

I want to thank my son Sidique for helping me so much and being my Administrative Assistant. He will be selling water each class and all proceeds go to him. We had a drawing and I forgot to announce the winner so God Willing I will be sending out an email to everyone with the winning name and give the gift next class.

Also I want to remind everyone that Zumba can be overwhelming at first if you are new to it and not to get discouraged. You will catch on especially once you get used to my style of direction. I keep the playlist the same for about 5 weeks and then slowly exchange and introduce one new song every 5 weeks to keep it fresh. But repetition is key.Also you can make it High or Low impact depending on your fitness level or your mood. Make it as cool and smooth as you want  or sweat as hard as you want, its up to you. Just don't forget to keep moving, laughing and smiling and most importantly have fun. Enjoying yourself while keeping fit is the key to staying active and before you know it you will have a smaller waist and a tighter pompis (tosh)!! Benefits of Latin movements,believe me!

Again , I look forward to dancing more with you and keeping fit, with all of you and I will see you Saturday morning! Since I rent the studio by the hour It is important to start on time, so from here on forth I will be starting the warm up 10 sharp.

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