Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year , A New You! Perhaps your resolutions include a cleansing detox.

I wanted to update everyone yet again , that my Sunday classes are canceled at Savage Fit and that I will no longer be participating in Zumba classes or events there in the future. I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to exercising with me on Sundays. In time ,depending on need and requests, more classes may be added.

I still am excited and looking forward to starting this new year off right with you on Saturday mornings, dancing for our health. I have lots of great surprises in store for all of you. I am blessed to being able to provide a male free environment to all you ladies so that you can shake, shimmy and sweat freely.

I also want to invite any one interested in joining me for a 10 day detox. What better way to start the New year off than free of toxins. I will post the information below and I plan to start later in the month. Any one interested in joining me, shoot me an email or let me know in class. The more the merrier. Support as always a good thing. I want to again wish everyone a great and blessed  Ano Nuevo ( New Year!) and  and remember to make God and your health your priority! The longer we can maintain healthy bodies and clear sharp minds, by exercising and eating clean foods, the longer we can stay in remembrance and worship of HIM in this short time we have in this life. See you guys on the dance floor and remember to bring your smiles and positive energy!!!!!
For those who realize that everything is from God, everything is the same.
-Jalaluddin al-Rumi
It's All Good!

A New Year! Perhaps your resolutions include a cleansing detox.
Picture of a cup of herbal detox tea

Detox Cleansing Herbal Tea

The “Chinese Cleanse”

In this detoxifying cleanse, you drink a home-made brew of herbal tea that you drink in the morning and evening.  In between, you eat fruit till noon, and vegetables till 8:00 PM. The duration is between three and ten days.

Herbal Tea Ingredients:

-Six cups of filtered water
-Two tablespoons of Red Clover
-Two tablespoons of Milk Thistle
-Two tablespoons of Dandelion Tea
-Two tablespoons of Peppermint Leaf
-Three tablespoons of Buckthorn Bark

Herbal Tea Instructions:

Boil the six cups of water in a pot, remove it from the heat, and add the herbs.  Stir and cover the pot.  Steep it for 30 minutes to one hour.  Strain the herbs from the water before drinking, and then discard them.
Drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening. At two cups per day, the amount listed above will last one person three days.
The Tea needs to be refrigerated and will keep fresh for three days.  When taken from the refrigerator, warm it slowly — rapid heating and boiling will destroy the medicinal properties of the herbs.
The tea helps purify the blood, liver, kidneys and colon.  It is also a mild laxative — know where the bathrooms are!
Note: The amount of herbs you buy are, of course, dependent on how many people will be joining you on the cleanse, and how many days you’ll be doing it. Determine this before purchasing the herbs, which hopefully can be found at your local health food store.

The Food Part:

Time frame is three to ten days:
  • Three days helps the body get rid of toxins.
  • Five days starts the healing process.
  • Ten days cleanses and renews the bloodstream, liver, kidneys and colon.
In the morning till noon eat from this list of organic fruit:

LemonAppleApple JuiceMango

Eat fruit whole, and/or blend the fruit with water or apple juice to make a smoothie. Eat as much as you want.
To strengthen the optic nerves, combine freshly squeezed lemons (if available) with grapefruit, and/or limes with oranges.
Regular herbal tea (other than the “Tea” you make from scratch) can be drunk throughout the morning.

From noon till 8:00 PM eat from this list of organic vegetables:

CauliflowerLeafy GreensDark Green VeggiesCarrots
Dandelion LeavesParsnipsPotatoes (w/ skins)Garlic
OnionOlive OilParsleySprouts
Red/Green PeppersSpinachRadishTomato

Eat these foods in solid form, or juice them, or make soup. The vegetables can be raw, steamed, baked or roasted.  A simple dressing can be made from garlic, lemon juice, peppermint, olive oil and parsley. (I often get lazy and just add lemon juice to olive oil.)
Ideally, try to combine cooked and raw food at each meal in order to magnify the enzymes needed for proper digestion; for instance: salad and soup.
Your favorite herbal tea (not the “Tea” described above) can be drunk throughout the afternoon and evening.

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