Friday, April 27, 2012

12 Weeks to Weight Loss - Day 5

Focus on Variety

Cardio Focus: Variety

Choose One:
  • Option 1: Boredom Busters - Choose 1 of 3 different cardio workouts. These workouts involve varying the intensity in different ways and the inclines/speeds suggested are only guidelines. If you're a beginner, please modify the workout or choose one of these beginner workouts.
  • Option 2: 3-Machine Medley Workout
  • Option 3: Try one of our Walking Guide's walking workouts.

Strength and Flexibility Focus: Rest

Don't forget to stretch.
Nutrition Focus: How Much You're Eating
Look at your food diary from the past few days and calculate the average number of calories you eat each day. Compare that number to the Total Calories you calculated on Day 3. How many more calories are you eating than your body needs? Or are you not eating enough calories? If you fall below your BMR, that can actually stall weight loss so eating too little is just as harmful as eating too much. Tomorrow, we'll get started on reducing your food calories, so get ready.


One great tool you can use to motivate yourself is a pedometer. Clip it on in the morning and see how many steps you can take all day. Your ultimate goal should be 10,000 steps, but just do what you can and try to do more each day.

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